How they see you, that's how they write you - do the appearance of the service, menu cards and the way of serving dishes in a restaurant matter?


Competition among restaurants, pubs, bistros or fast food bars is very high. Despite the large number of catering establishments, there is a lot of turnover - some restaurants open and others close. The functioning and success of a restaurant depends on many factors, including marketing. Many types of marketing refer to the appearance of a brand, place, menu, service or dishes. According to the 'as they see you, so they write you' principle, it can be said that it is very important for the customer to see the restaurant - its appearance, decor, accessories, service, menu or dishes. Developing a marketing strategy for the restaurant, one should therefore also indicate how we want to be seen by customers and create a unique atmosphere in the restaurant.

Service appearance versus service quality in a restaurant

Employees i.e. waiters, staff, cooks, manager and others are also the business card of the restaurant. So the people working in the restaurant should meet some kind of requirements. The cooks and kitchen helpers who work in the backroom are expected to be clean, neat and have high personal hygiene. It is a bit different when it comes to the staff of the restaurant hall, i.e. waitresses, waiters or the manager taking care of the situation in the premises. A person working in the catering industry should:

  • have an impeccable appearance,
  • always look presentable
  • always look clean, neat and appropriate to the situation,
  • have the following characteristics
  • have a high level of personal culture,
  • be friendly, pleasant and helpful at all times,
  • have a high level of personal culture
  • be pleasant, friendly regardless of the situation,
  • be able to work under pressure,
  • have a high level of personal culture
  • be able to work under time pressure,
  • be resistant to stress,
  • An additional advantage is knowledge of a foreign language,

Uniforms for restaurant employees

Whether in elegant restaurants or in bistros or fast food bars, it looks very good if the employees serving customers look alike. This is a plus, because customers immediately know who is an employee of the establishment. Secondly, it looks simply elegant. If additionally the outfits of employees have the logo of the restaurant, it is an additional advertisement. You do not need to spend a lot of money on clothes:

  • you can invest in simple black, white or blue shirts and have the logo printed. In addition, ask your employees to wear black pants or dark jeans;
  • in bars with e.g.
  • in burger bars, for example, you can buy plaid shirts;
  • Elegant black or white shirts will work well in more elegant establishments;

Today, many printers offer graphic printing on t-shirts or shirts at great prices.

How to serve food in a restaurant

People eat with their eyes, so the dish served should not only be tasty, but also nicely and aesthetically served. The appearance of the dish is, of course, influenced by the dinnerware, but the arrangement of food itself is crucial. A burnt cutlet with lumps in the mashed potatoes and a messily placed salad look unsightly and do not encourage people to eat. The preparation of dishes by cooks and kitchen assistants is of great importance, but also the arrangement of dishes on plates or platters.

When preparing and serving dishes, it should be remembered that customers coming to the restaurant often pay a lot of money for the ordered dishes. In addition, being in the restaurant want to eat something better and nicer served than at home. Tomato cream can be poured into a bowl and dirty the edges, but you can also pour it into a beautiful bowl carefully, add a blob of cream and sprinkle with roasted pumpkin seeds. Customers will not return to a restaurant where the serving dish is messy and unsightly.

How the design of menus, flyers and other marketing materials affects customer feedback

With so much competition among restaurants, attention to detail is the key to success. Customers and therefore restaurant guests have comparisons with other places and pay attention to every detail:

  • Do the flyers added to the take-away dishes contain all the most important information?
  • Do the flyers look professional or maybe someone carelessly printed them even without color?
  • Are the menus clear and include pictures of the dishes?
  • Does the menu look professional and nice or is it creased or stained?
  • Whether the banner in front of the restaurant is complete or damaged?

Good marketing the key to restaurant success

New restaurants are springing up every now and then. There is a lot of competition on the market and customers are demanding - they expect dishes of the highest quality and the whole service.

Nowadays, it is not enough to rent a place, hire cooks and waiters and open a restaurant. Attention to detail is very important:

  • a nice, clean interior of the restaurant,
  • appropriately matched accessories,
  • professional employees,
  • professional dress code,
  • professional dress code
  • clothing of employees that matches the standards of the restaurant,
  • appropriately matched accessories,
  • professional staff,
  • properly selected
  • appropriately selected tableware,
  • professional staff,
  • stylish and serviceable
  • appearance and method of serving dishes,

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