How to conduct marketing to make your online ordering system profitable


We have already written many times about the importance of online ordering systems for restaurants these days. They are a modern marketing tool that makes it easier for the customer to complete the order and makes the restaurant staff's work easier. A well thought out system also allows the restaurant to increase its profits. However, implementing such a system is only the first step to success. Nowadays, it is not enough to be able to order online on your own website or on a cooperating platform. Customers need to be informed about such a facility and encouraged to take advantage of our offer. This is not as easy as it may seem, because it requires basic knowledge of marketing.

Already have an online ordering system? You can find out what steps to take next and how to direct your marketing to make your system profitable.

Marketing an online restaurant ordering site

The first step to the success of our online ordering site is to inform as many customers and potential customers as possible about this opportunity. The restaurant owner should do the following:

  • Place information about the possibility of online ordering on the restaurant website. This can be done through a pop-up window with an ORDER ONLINE button, which when clicked will take the customer to a page or tab where online ordering is possible.
  • Inform your Facebook followers that the restaurant offers online ordering. It is worth adding a link that will redirect interested parties directly to the online ordering page.
  • Print new flyers with information about the possibility of ordering online and the website address.
  • Any place for advertising is good, so use plastic food wrappers or paper bags for take-out meals. Use them to advertise your online ordering system website.
  • Have waiters and waitresses who serve customers by phone and stationary convey information about the possibility of online ordering.

Daily maintenance of online ordering system for restaurants

The next, second step to a successful online ordering system is to encourage customers, Facebook followers and others to place an order. A restaurant owner or manager should take the following steps:

  • It is a good idea to encourage customers to order online instead of over the phone, as this will increase profits and save time in the long run. Therefore, you might want to consider some sort of discount for the launch days of the site or for the first order for a customer.
  • Build a base of online customers who have already completed online orders in the system. If the customer agrees to the marketing, then the restaurant can send them marketing content to encourage them to order or visit the restaurant.
  • Obtain an email address and phone number from land-based customers. It is a good idea to ask them to complete a survey after they have eaten. For completing the survey and agree to the marketing we can offer free coffee, compote or juice.
  • Self-marketing, i.e. sending SMS and e-mails to your customer base with marketing content encouraging them to order or visit your restaurant. We can also provide customers with discount codes.
  • Checking messages and reviews on the website and Facebook and responding to all messages. Remember that customers cannot be ignored, either live or online.
  • Keep order statistics from the online ordering system to see who orders most often, at what times and days, and what customers order most often. It is not for nothing that they say that knowledge is the key to success.

Restaurant take-out service

When ordering a dish at a restaurant, we pay attention to the restaurant's décor, the accompaniments, the ambience, the smell, the service, the tableware, the appearance of the dish, and of course, its taste. Customers ordering online with home delivery miss most of these impressions. However, it should be remembered that the person ordering online is paying the same amount of money as for ordering at the premises, so the highest quality of service is also required.

So the next, third step to a successful online ordering system is to take care of the quality of the look, taste, smell and delivery of the takeaway food. The restaurant should:

  • Purchase aesthetically pleasing, nice plastic, paper or styrofoam packaging and, of course, properly choose it according to the type of food paying attention also to the warmth of the dish.
  • Apply the dishes in a nice, aesthetic way and in the appropriate size of the packaging. A container that is too large can make the portion seem small. A container that is too large will also reduce the aroma intensity of the dish.
  • Hire a delivery or courier with a pleasant appearance, who cares about cleanliness and is friendly. An unpleasant or abrasive delivery man may discourage the customer from the restaurant and subsequent orders.
  • Properly calculate and specify the time of delivery. Sometimes with higher traffic it is good to give the customer an estimated delivery time plus 20 minutes. After being informed that the delivery will take up to 40 minutes, the customer orders a dish and if he actually gets it after 2 hours of waiting, in addition already cold, he will regret not ordering food in another restaurant.

Promotions in online ordering system

Promotions of various kinds are one of the biggest marketing tools. So they are the fourth step to make profits in online ordering system. We all love to use promotions, so using them is a hit. The restaurant may earn on one dish a few zlotys less, but it can count on a much larger number of orders, which in general translates into considerable profits.

Promotions, such as a 10% discount on orders or a free homemade dessert for a two-course dinner, do not have to be based on a special day, but it is worth remembering about various holidays and adjusting the promotions to them:

  • Valentine's Day - Are you looking forward to a romantic Valentine's Day at home? Don't make your other half cook! Only on 14 February we have for you 14% discount on the whole order online.
  • Fat Thursday - On Fat Thursday only we have a promotion for gourmands. For each ordered home dinner set we add 200 grams of homemade fritters for dessert.
  • Child's Day - For every dish from children's menu ordered on June 1st we add hand-made lollipops from nearby sweets manufactory!
  • International Pizza Day - On Pizza Day, February 9, we have a super promotion for you! For each large pizza ordered online on that day you will get another large pizza with 50% discount!
  • Independence Day - 11 November we are also open for you! For each two-course dinner we add a piece of red and white homemade cake!

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