When they see you, that's how they write you - that is, how does the appearance of the premises affect the operation of the restaurant


Nowadays, the competition among restaurants is very high. In big cities we pass a restaurant every steps, and even in small towns or villages we have a few or even a dozen or so restaurants. However, there is a lot of rotation - some restaurants open and others close. The functioning and success of a restaurant depends on many factors, including marketing. In many types of marketing we can find a reference to the brand's appearance, place, menu, service or dishes. So we can say that for a client it is very important how he the way the customer sees the restaurant is very important. Therefore, the marketing strategy should also indicate how we want to be seen by customers and try to achieve this goal.

Restaurant climate and its impact on the number of customers

Many people probably watch Kitchen Revolutions and there you can see restaurants with Many people probably watch Kitchen Revolutions and see restaurants with dilapidated furniture, dusty chandeliers, dirty windows or accessories that don't match anything. But But it's not only on television that we see restaurants whose appearance deviates from the standards. Basic thing is that in a restaurant, no matter whether it is an exclusive one or a fast food bar, must be clean and tidy.

The appearance of the premises should of course fit into the overall brand, chosen style or served

The appearance of the establishment should of course fit in with the overall brand, the style or the food served. In an Asian restaurant are allowed thematic decorations and accessories in dark and bright colors. In a seaside restaurant we will probably see nautical or Scandinavian Scandinavian, blue and white colors and matching accessories. On the other hand, in the mountains there are many mountain cottages with a lot of wood and familiar and rustic accessories. So it doesn't matter whether the décor of our restaurant will be modern, highlander, seaside, baroque, Asian or eclectic - but the decor should be consistent with the brand and the dishes served by the restaurant. However, you have to remember not to copy someone else's ideas, but try to create something unique.

How do I create a restaurant from scratch?

When planning to open a restaurant or its renovation, you must first design the interior, Choose guiding colors, lighting and furniture and select them in such a way that they create a coherent whole matching our brand and the food we serve. A lot also depends on the location, where our restaurant will be located - in a tenement house, in a place a building, in a place resembling a detached house, in a highlander cottage or maybe in the basement of a building. Creating the atmosphere of a restaurant is not creating the atmosphere of a restaurant is not that easy, so it is also worth consulting a specialist when it comes to the décor.

Climate creates colors, properly selected lighting, nice and undamaged furniture that gives the the place climate. You also can not forget about the appearance of the counter or bar.

Clients want to go to a restaurant, where it will be nice, clean, atmospheric, but also romantic,

The customer wants to go to a restaurant that is nice, clean, atmospheric, but also romantic, modern, elegant or homely. The restaurant must be simply one of a kind and have soul. Only then customers will feel great in the restaurant and will be happy to return. When renovating and planning decor you can rely on your own style and taste or you can ask for help from an interior designer or a specialist in carrying out renovation projects.

Restaurant accessories key to achieving an individual atmosphere

In a restaurant, it is not enough to paint the walls and put up furniture. What is important for customers are accessories, If they are well matched to the climate of the restaurant, they attract attention and make the customer feel good in a given place. So it is worth investing wisely in:

  • lamps, chandeliers and candles,
  • paintings and decorations on the walls,
    • curtains
    • curtains, curtains, or other window ornaments,
    • tablecloths and napkins,
    • curtains, chandeliers and candles
    • tablecloths and napkins on the table,
    • tableware
    • tables, such as plates, bowls, glasses, sugar bowls or vases,
    • fittings and tableware.
    • tables, chairs that match the décor.

    Patio or summer garden in the restaurant

    A great plus in the summer season are also gardens, where customers can spend time in the time in the fresh air. Premises that have space to develop should think about The possibility of creating a place in the open air, which will allow the reception of a larger number customers.

    The decor and appearance of the patio or summer garden can of course be looser and cozier than The decor and appearance of the patio or summer garden can of course be looser and cozier than in the main restaurant, but also must be maintained attention to cleanliness and accessories that will give the place a wonderful atmosphere. Depending on the type of establishment, it can be an exclusive garden with wicker armchairs, fresh flowers and atmospheric lamps on the tables or a place reminiscent of the beach - with sand, hammocks, deckchairs, candles and lanterns that give wonderful atmosphere after dark.

    Creating such a place should pay attention to several things:

    • ensure, as far as possible, privacy for customers by separating the place from the street, sidewalk or parking,
    • living plants, in pots and cut flowers give the place a climate and look beautiful, so it is worth taking care of some greenery,
    • the weather is very changeable, so you should think about roofing, umbrellas or sidewalls and blankets for cool evenings,
    • positioning tables in such a way as to give customers a sense of privacy and allow waiters to serve them efficiently,
    • if the restaurant is open also after dark, you should invest in lighting - these can be lamps, candles or cotton balls,
    • if the restaurant is oriented towards customers coming in with families, then a great idea will be a mini playground or a children's corner.
    • If the restaurant is also open after dark, then you should invest in lighting - this can be lamps, candles or cotton ball,

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