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Restaurant is generally associated simply with a place where you can eat something good. However, due to the very high competition, establishments began to expand their activities also to organize various events and events. Even in small counties there are several dozens of restaurants, and nowadays it is not a problem to go for lunch or dinner to a restaurant 5-30 kilometers away from home. Customers have a lot of choice. Most often delicious food is enough to achieve success and satisfying profits, but unfortunately not always.

Restaurant guests appreciate good cuisine, restaurant atmosphere and service, but they are also looking for new tastes and experiences. It is events like these that attract customers and increase their satisfaction, while also increasing profits and strengthening the brand. Organizing events can make a restaurant have a very good reputation compared to local competitors.

It must be remembered, however, that organizing events that are interesting for customers requires time and a great deal of willingness. So both the owner, the manager, the cooks and the room staff should be inventive and helpful in organizing events. You also need to invest in attractions to get a satisfactory profit. There are plenty of ideas for organizing events, so you have to choose the ones you find most interesting. We are happy to share some ideas for organizing different events.

Events related to holidays

One of the possibilities of organizing events in the restaurant are holidays: grandmother's and grandfather's day, valentine's day, mother's day, father's day, children's day, independence day, mikołajki, New Year's Eve and others. Below you will find examples of how to organize such events.

  • Valentine's Day - The holiday of lovers can attract many couples for delicious food and a glass of wine. A tasting dinner consisting of appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert can be an idea for the event. You can choose appropriate spirits for this. A romantic atmosphere would be created by red decorations, candles and live music. More than one man will gladly invite his partner for such a date.
  • Child's Day - if the restaurant is geared towards family visits then it is worth reaching out to the hearts of children as well. On children's day you can invite customers for a family dinner with a special dish for children. The main attraction can be an animator who will play with children all afternoon - making balloon dogs, painting faces, making tattoos. During this time, parents can quietly drink coffee or wine.
  • Santa's Day - not only children like sweet presents but adults too. On such a winter day you can invite customers for hot chocolate with whipped cream drunk in a festive atmosphere. You can also prepare some Christmas dishes like borscht with ravioli, dumplings or baked fish to make your guests feel the magic of Christmas. For small guests you can invite Santa Claus, who will listen to their wishes and give them chocolate. Cool idea would also be a photo booth with Santa Claus gadgets.

Cultural events

Another option is to organize cultural events such as performances by local bands or cabarets. If there is a museum night, festival or other event organized in the area or in the same town - you can make your own event on this occasion. An interesting idea is also a movie evening, watching a match or a KSW fight together. Some ideas for such events can be found below.

  • Cabaret performance - everyone likes a healthy dose of humor. So a cabaret or stand-up show could be organized. The ticket price would include coffee, tea and snacks. A great idea is to prepare a sweet table with small desserts, cakes and a salty table with mini sandwiches, burgers and other snacks.
  • Other events in the area - if there are festivals, concerts and other events in the same city, we can extend the opening hours of the venue on that day and invite you to have a drink after the concert. If the festival is related to the harvest festival, we can offer dishes made of fruit and vegetables from local farms.
  • Movie night - who says you can only watch a movie at home or in the cinema? In a restaurant hall or a larger hall where special events are organized, a movie can be shown on televisions or a wall screen. These may be, for example, horror movies on Halloween or simply comedies or thrillers on any day. For each beer or drink you can offer free popcorn and guests will probably get hungry and willing to order dinner.

Unusual events

Depending on the type of establishment and the food prepared, we can organize and celebrate the day of hamburger, steak, pizza, chocolate, waffle, beer and much more. In addition, organizing a barbecue, bonfire or karaoke will also be a great idea.

  • Pizza Day - in a pizzeria you can offer your guests some promotion such as two pizzas for the price of one, two sauces free of charge or a free small pizza to each ordered mega pizza. Everybody likes promotions, so probably many customers will take advantage of them. However, if we do not have this Italian delicacy in our everyday menu, on this one day we can invite you for a tasting of homemade pizza.
  • Chocolate Day - maybe only a few percent of people don't like chocolate but the rest of us love it in any form - drink, sauce, cake, cream or ice cream. On international chocolate day you can invite small and big guests for a chocolate menu. It is worth making a contest with prizes for the best photo of the dish, a poem about chocolate or other.
  • Fireplace - of course, this is an option for a venue that has the outdoor space to light a bonfire. On a warm summer evening you can set up benches and tables outside and invite your guests to a bonfire where they can roast their own sausages, eat additions prepared by the restaurant and drink beer. You can also play music so you can dance under the stars.

As you can see, for any occasion you can prepare an interesting event with attractions for customers and not all of them require a lot of money. Just release your creativity and think what you would like to participate in. Customers of all ages are willing to take part in events, because they will eat something delicious and have a good time. And for the restaurant it is a big profit and more regular customers.

Izabela Praska

Editor of FooDeliver.pl, passionate about gastromarketing and good cuisine, marketer. FooDeliver.pl product specialist.

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