Restaurant fanpage on Facebook - how to set up and run a website and what mistakes should not be made?


Nowadays, almost everyone has access to landline or phone internet. Most of these people use it every day and some for most of the day. Nowadays the Internet is ubiquitous and one can even say that it is an integral part of our lives. Regardless of age, we use social media - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Currently in Poland, Facebook is the most popular website and the number of its users only in our country can be counted in several million.

A large proportion of these users is connected to the Internet.

A large proportion of these people use Facebook every day. Therefore, this site is a brilliant place to develop your restaurant brand and marketing, to attract new customers and keep the regulars and to build relationships and loyalty between the restaurant and customers and observers. A well-run Facebook page can allow you to expand your customer base, but also to increase profits allowing for further development. The success of the Fanpage may also allow you to gain an advantage among local competitors.

How to set up a restaurant Fanpage on Facebook?

  • A person wishing to set up a Facebook Fanpage must first have a private account - however any data of this person will not be made available on the restaurant's website (it is only about managing the page). Setting up and running the page is free of charge.
  • While logged in go to and enter the name of the page (restaurant), select category, add short description and press CREATE PAGE button.
  • You will see a form to fill in, where you need to provide the most important information about the restaurant. This information will be visible to customers, so make sure that the content is error-free and inviting.
  • You should choose a unique address for the restaurant on Facebook. Its pattern is After that, it is hard to change it, so it is better to think carefully about the chosen name
  • Save the entered information
  • The next step is to add a profile picture. It is good if its dimensions are 180x180 pixels.
  • It is worth adding your Fanpage to my Favorites, so that from a private account it is easy to go to the company website.
  • Next, select your preferred audience by indicating location, age, gender, language.
  • Save the page and you can still customize it by adding additional information or images.
  • The final step is, of course, active on Facebook and add posts.

How to wisely run a Facebook Fanpage to make the page profitable?

Facebook can be a restaurant's main marketing tool. It can help build a brand, increase profits and customer volume. However, running an effective and professional Fangage is not as easy as you might think. In order for a Facebook page to bring in tangible and intangible profits, you need to spend a lot of time maintaining it. Additionally, the posts posted must be well thought out and in accordance with the principles of effective marketing. The person who manages the page should therefore acquire the necessary knowledge to reach a large number of people and gain trust, sympathy and a group of permanent observers.

The most important rules of running a restaurant Fanpage

  • Publish posts regularly - you need to maintain the interest of your followers. Adding a post once a month is definitely not enough. It is a good idea to set a number per week, e.g. 5 posts a week or one every day.
  • Constantly check and respond to feedback - every feedback should be responded to, even the negative ones. It is worth thanking for a positive opinion and responding to a negative one without unnecessary explanations or, what is worse, without arguments. You can write: We are sorry that your last visit was not satisfactory. Thank you for your valuable comments and we hope that your next visit will meet all your expectations.
  • Checking and responding to messages - customers sometimes want to inquire about opening times, today's menu or special event arrangements. Responding after a week may discourage the customer and a complete lack of response may completely cross the restaurant off in the customer's eyes.
  • Publish photos of fresh and appetizingly served dishes in posts - we eat with our eyes, so photos of dishes prepared by a restaurant should encourage customers to taste specialties of our cuisine. Pay attention to the surroundings, the appearance of the dish and the quality of the photo. A blurred picture of a dinner with a dirty napkin next to it is not a very encouraging view.
  • Encourage customers to order - in posts it is worth reminding about the possibility of ordering the dish online and linking the page. Phrases like order now, Call us, Take advantage of the last day of promotion really work.
  • Sharing information and photos about the life of the restaurant - customers can be interested and encouraged to visit with a post about newly purchased crockery, a change in decor, the opening of a summer garden or the chef's participation in a cooking competition.
  • Organize a live broadcast - many people would probably be tempted to live straight from the kitchen with a demonstration of the chef's preparation of seasonal dishes or desserts. Broadcasts can also be for special events. A short report on the St. Andrew's Day party and the great time guests had can encourage customers to participate in future events.
  • Creating discounts and promotions - This is one of the favorite marketing tools of restaurant customers and non-restaurant customers. It has great power and it's worth taking advantage of. We all love to get something free or at a discounted price. Who would not be tempted to get a free coffee with a delicious home-made cake or 20% discount on the whole order when ordering a delicious soup with the main course? The restaurant sells something cheaper or gives something for free, but thanks to this the number of orders increases significantly and with it the number of satisfied customers.
  • Organize contests with prizes - such activities attract customers and encourage active participation on the site. You can organize a contest for drawing a new logo, a picture of a dish or a few lines of verse about our restaurant. You can indicate that people who invite two friends or share a post on their wall will qualify for the competition. Everyone would like to compete for attractive prizes.
  • Using Facebook Ads - this allows you to grow your brand and reach more people.

The most common mistakes a restaurant makes on its Fanpage

Above we presented information on how to effectively and efficiently run a restaurant's Facebook page. However, equally important is what not to do when running a Fanpage. The market is very competitive and customers are demanding, so it's better not to alienate them with ill-considered actions. As we have repeatedly said - marketing must be a well-thought-out strategy and this also applies to activities on Facebook.

What to avoid when running a restaurant Fanpage?

  • Long pauses in adding posts - you need to constantly maintain the interest of your followers. After a few weeks of silence on the site, customers will start to wonder if the restaurant is still functioning. Nowadays the information function alone (contact details and menu without posts) on Facebook is not enough.
  • Lack of news about opening hours or reservation of the restaurant - customers should be informed about changes in opening hours or reservation of the entire restaurant making it impossible to visit it. Going to a restaurant for lunch or dinner and receiving information only on the spot that the restaurant is fully booked effectively discourages customers. After several such situations, the customer will simply stop coming, because he will find another restaurant.
  • No response to feedback and messages - this is a reprehensible mistake, which greatly discourages customers who feel disrespected. After all, in person we respond if someone compliments us, asks about something or even criticizes us - the same rule must apply on the Internet.
  • Repeated, identical posts - Facebook page must attract customers and encourage them to like, follow and actively participate in the life of the restaurant. Sharing a dry menu every day or a post TODAY FROM 11 AM TO 11 PM is not enough with so much competition.
  • Lack of photos of the interior design of the restaurant and the dishes made by the restaurant - before going to a new restaurant the customer wants to know what the interior design looks like, what are the dominant colors, whether the restaurant is elegant or more homely. We are more willing to go to a restaurant whose decor we like and where we feel good. The same applies to pictures of dishes. Customers would like to know what they are getting when they come for dinner. Without this, unfortunately, it is very easy to disappoint the customer on the spot.

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