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The development of modern technology in recent years has caused many areas of business to move to the Internet. We can order a dress from China, a book from the United States or toys from the United Kingdom and pay for these products by bank transfer or credit card. The Coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated the development of the IT industry, including online ordering and online payment systems. This form of ordering is not only fast, very convenient but also safe for both sides - the customer and the restaurant or bakery. While creating and developing our online ordering system for restaurants and bakeries Foodeliver our goal was not only to enable online ordering but also the ability to pay online.

Pros of online payment for restaurant or bakery:

  • receiving payment for the order in advance, so the restaurant can be sure that the order will be collected
  • competitiveness on the local market, because still many establishments do not have this option,
  • convenience of saving money by paying online.
  • convenience and time savings, because the money is credited to the operator's account - there is no need for close contact with the customer to make cash payments,
  • convenience and time saving, because the money is credited to the operator's premises account - there is no need for close contact with the customer to make cash payments,
  • the ability to send orders with non-contact delivery. With online payment, the driver can deliver the order to the door without contact. This is important for people who are in quarantine or sick.

Pros of online payments for the customer:

  • convenience, because at any time from the position of the phone you can make a quick transfer, so you do not have to carry cash or card to pay for the order,
  • increased choice allowing for greater individuality - the customer decides whether to pay by card, cash, quick transfer or BLIK,
  • safety during a coronavirus pandemic - less chance of transmitting the bacteria,

Online payment provider Tpay

Tpay is a product of Krajowy Integrator Payments S.A. This fast payment system has been on the market for 10 years and at the moment supports thousands of online stores. The aim and mission of KIP S.A. was and still is to create innovative payment systems, thanks to which people could save priceless time. The company's mission and main goals are achieved thanks to such features as transparency, professionalism, striving for automation and autonomy.

The available online payment methods through Tpay are:

  • internet transfers,
  • e-transfers,
  • payment cards,
  • payment cards,
  • mobile payments via QR codes, BLIK system and premium SMS,

Security of deposits and funds collected is a key issue, which is why Tpay provides the highest security standards confirmed by recognized certificates. Tpay cooperates with the largest banks, so online store customers will have no problem choosing one of the many available payment methods. It also allows customers to pay via BLIK, Google Pay, Visa or Masterpass.

How can a restaurant or bakery start selling online along with online payments with Foodeliver and Tpay?

  1. Implement the Foodeliver online ordering system allowing you to offer your customers an online shopping experience.
  2. Registration of account on Tpay website. All you need is basic company data, 2 documents and a bank transfer to verify the company's bank account.
  3. Integrate Foodeliver and Tpay systems.
  4. Start online sales with a choice of one of many online payment options.
  5. A notice will appear in the Foodeliver system that your payment has been posted.
  6. Accepting payments on your Tpay account. Possibility of redirecting them to your company account.

How to enable Tpay payments in Foodeliver online ordering system?

We decided to integrate Foodeliver's online ordering system with payment provider Tpay because our companies' goals are aligned. We also value similar values such as professionalism, process automation, time saving and security. Thanks to this cooperation we can offer our clients very favorable terms of cooperation with Tpay.

We believe that when selling online you should add an online payment gateway to simplify and shorten the order process. As part of our contract with a restaurant or bakery, we integrate Tpay payments into our Foodeliver system. However, you can do it yourself as follows:

  1. In the admin panel, click on Settings and select the Payments tab.
  2. It is necessary to generate in the Tpay panel: Merchant ID, Secret Key, API Key and API Key Password.
    Image 1
  3. Fill in the fields with the previously generated data. Save the changes.
  4. Enable the payment test and make a test payment through the Foodeliver system to verify that the funds flow correctly.
    Image 2
  5. After a successfully sent and credited payment test, you can disable in the system
    Image 3
  6. After activating Tpay payments in the Foodeliver system admin panel, customers will be able to choose from several payment methods, including Tpay, from their customer page position.
    Image 4

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