Individual system for online ordering in a restaurant - pros and cons


Collaborating with well-known online ordering platforms can bring a lot of benefits to premises. Unfortunately, cooperation with some platforms is also associated with high commissions, lack of marketing marketing independence, advertising the platform instead of your own restaurant brand or lack of access to the customer base. Therefore, it is worth investing in your own system for handling and of acquiring food orders online. Depending on your needs and financial capabilities we can invest:

  • into your own, individual website, on which you will integrate the possibility online food ordering service will be integrated,
  • into a subscription-based online ordering system, which can be a subpage of our website or a completely separate page.

A custom restaurant website with online ordering capability

A custom website with online ordering capabilities is something that very many customers pay special attention to. A well-made and functional website can be a great A well-made and functional website can be a great advantage for a restaurant and create a consistent brand. Customers pay attention to the appearance and functionality The website should look very good, be modern and also responsive. Thanks to individual website we build and strengthen the brand of our restaurant.

The advantages of a custom website with online food ordering functionality are:

  • modern communication and facilitation of customer ordering,
  • our own customer base, to which we can send marketing content,
  • Possibility to show the customer photos of the interior of the restaurant and photos of dishes, which will encourage
  • possibility to show the customer photos of the interior of the restaurant and photos of dishes that will encourage visits to our premises and orders for home,
  • presenting the client with basic contact information, opening hours, or information on the organization of special events.
  • advertise your brand and strengthen it on the market,
  • after ordering an individual website and paying a one-time fee, the restaurant has website on your own. So you do not have to share profits with anyone or pay a monthly subscription. monthly subscription fee.

Investment in your own website with the possibility of ordering online is the cost from 2 to even 20 thousand zlotys. Price depends on how experienced company we choose, what functionality we need, whether we want our site to be 100% individual or maybe we agree to purchase a template that will be tailored to our needs. A poor quality website can effectively deter customers, so if you decide on such a solution, it is better to pay more and choose a reputable company and have a product of the highest quality. quality.

Programming companies offer:

  • creation of a modern, individual website tailored to our tailored to our needs and with the design of our choice,
  • websites that are
  • a system integrated with the website that allows ordering and paying for dishes online,
  • restaurant system integrated with the website allowing to book tables,
  • simple and intuitive design,
  • simple and intuitive design,
  • a system integrated with the website allowing to order meals and pay for them online,
  • a system integrated with the website allowing to book tables
  • simple and intuitive panel for self-management of the website,
  • positioning, which allows you to make reservations on the website.
  • positioning, which will allow customers to better find your website in search engine,
  • website maintenance, updates and bug fixes,

A well-made, modern, functional and eye-catching website is a advantages. However, there are a few downsides:

  • high price for a unique and responsive website, which not every restaurant can afford,
  • a high price for a unique and responsive website, which not every restaurant can afford
  • constant need to update the site and take care of the content,
  • risk of losing your business
  • risk that a large investment will be wasted by unprofessional marketing activities of people managing the restaurant,

Online ordering systems for the restaurant industry

Programming companies realize that not every restaurant can afford a one-time expense of 5-10 thousand zloty for a website with modern functionalities. There are many companies on the market which have come up to the expectations of such restaurants. These companies have created specific online ordering system templates together with the most important functionalities and for a subscription fee they adapt the template to the client's restaurant. The restaurant uses the system as long as it pays for the subscription. This may be associated with well-known online ordering platforms that pull a restaurant onto their platform for a hefty upfront fee, subscription or profit commission of 15-30%. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So what makes a customized online ordering system different from the well-known platforms offering their services?

  • Building your own restaurant brand - thanks to such a system, the restaurant advertises only itself and not external platforms,
  • Independent payment control - payments go only through the online payment operator (e.g. PayU, TPay,, and the restaurant can manage them by itself. So the money does not go through another company,
  • Self marketing to your own customer base - a restaurant has access to a full customer base and can send marketing content on its own without having to pay for additional marketing to another company,
  • Manage menu and content on the system page - restaurant has the ability to change the content on the page which is unfortunately not easy on online ordering platforms where every change has to be approved top-down,
  • Low subscription - subscription for such a system is 50-100 PLN per month or 500-1000 PLN per year. The fee for cooperation with online ordering platforms is several times more expensive.

From the above information it is very easy to see the pros of investing in your own online ordering system.

FooDeliver - online ordering and management system for food service

The 4B Systems company dealing with programming, design and promotion of websites and applications created a modern online ordering system FooDeliver. We offer a responsive and modern system for restaurants. Restaurant pays only subscription fee without any commission on sales. The restaurant manages its own website, content and has access to customer database which allows for independent marketing. The company also provides integration with a selected online payment operator.

Plus of FooDeliver system for restaurant client:

  • The customer entering the page of the online ordering system obtains basic contact information, can check the opening hours and hours of home delivery service, can also see photos of the restaurant or the dishes made. In addition, the customer can read additional information about the restaurant, the menu and the rules and privacy policy,
  • The potential customer can view the entire menu along with photos of dishes and add selected dishes to the cart. The system allows you to add attributes that will allow the customer to choose extras, such as the degree of meat frying, the thickness of the pizza, additional sauces, the ingredients of the dish, etc.
  • The customer can also choose a convenient delivery option (paid home delivery or own pick-up) and payment (cash, card payment or online payment),
  • The person placing the order should provide his/her name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address and delivery address. The customer can write some important information in an additional message, such as a request for delivery at a specific time or information about his/her nut allergy.
  • The customer has the option to agree to receive marketing content from the restaurant, which allows the restaurant to build its own customer base.

Pluses of the FooDeliver system for the restaurant owner:

  • The restaurant gets a modern system management page for the administrator. In a simple and intuitive way you can independently add, change, delete all the information contained in the system,
  • The system is very easy to adapt to our menu by adding different types of attributes such as additional ingredients, thickness of pizza dough or pasta sauce,
  • The restaurant has access to all orders placed by the system, which allows you to create various types of statistics and learn about the needs of customers,
  • The system allows the restaurant to do independent marketing, so sending text messages, emails to customers and generating discount codes,
  • FooDeliver is integrated with Google Maps API, where you can set up delivery zones which will allow you to better manage deliveries to your customers,

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