PREMIUM subscription of Foodeliver system - is it worth to invest in it?


Month by month we are developing the Foodeliver system to be as functional and customized as possible for individual restaurants. Every restaurant has different rules and different needs related to online ordering. Some owners or managers are looking for IT solutions with a large number of features, including the ability to conduct independent gastromarketing, while others are looking for a restaurant website with basic functions to be able to take orders online. Due to the expectations of our customers, we have decided to offer two functionally different versions of our online ordering system - a basic version and a premium version.

In both packages, our company provides the following features

In both packages our clients (restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, foodtrucks, bars) receive in cooperation with Foodeliver:

  • Transparent conditions of cooperation with fixed monthly payment with no limit of orders and no commissions on their own orders!
  • Responsive and modern website for the restaurant along with help in completing the site (basic information and up to 50 menu items) and ideas for gastromarketing among customers!
  • Admin panel that allows you to receive orders, build your own customer base, collect order information base and make changes in real time.
  • Presentation of restaurant menu with options to order online with home delivery or pick-up.
  • Integrated online payment using one of many popular payment operators.
  • Basic marketing functionality such as SMS and email module, allowing you to send messages to your customer base and create discount codes.

Extra capabilities in premium subscription

The basic subscription is full of interesting features, but some restaurants need and expect more. Thinking about restaurateurs who want to build their own marketing and recognition on the market, we have launched a Premium Package that offers:

  • Marketing plans,
  • Loyalty program,
  • Table reservation,
  • Bilingual version,
  • Bilingual version of the system (Polish and English),

Marketing Plans in Foodeliver

Access to your own customer database allows restaurants to create a marketing plan whereby the system will automatically send an SMS to customers who have not ordered since a preset time. The restaurant owner or manager can set up a program where:

  • We want to remind customers who have not placed any online order for 7 or 14 days. The system will automatically identify customers from the restaurant database who have not placed an order within the time period indicated in the schedule.
  • The system will generate an SMS with a content defined by the administrator along with a discount code, e.g. "Order something delicious with a 5% discount code for your next order. Discount valid for 3 days. You are welcome!".

The great advantage of this functionality is that the restaurant spends 1 minute to set the schedule and then the system itself does the work for the owner. Thanks to this one dedicated minute we can remind customers and encourage them to further orders. SMS with a discount code generated automatically can encourage customers to change their dining plans for the next days.

Loyalty program

The person in charge of marketing a restaurant can run a loyalty program, or what are called "virtual stamps." You can set, for example, that a customer who makes 10 orders for a minimum of 30 zł will get a discount code entitling him to a one-time discount (10 zł, 20 zł, 5%, 15%) on the next, 11th order. After setting up the program, the system verifies which customer has met the conditions of the loyalty program and sends them a message (SMS or e-mail) with a discount code to be used during the next 5 days.

The customer on the home page of online orders receives information about the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program. Everyone loves discounts, so this will definitely encourage a large number of customers to order more and to order higher values. For example, if you order a pizza for 26 PLN, knowing about the loyalty program, you will add a topping, sauce or drink to your order. Loyalty program builds a permanent relationship with the customer, and in addition gives the opportunity to significantly increase the number of orders and profits from sales.

Table reservation

The implemented unfreezing of catering still provides quite a few restrictions for restaurants, including quantity limitations. To make it easier for caterers to handle reservations for a limited number of tables, we have prepared an online table reservation functionality. The customer can send a request for a reservation for a given number of people, day and time. An attendant checks the availability of the table and confirms the reservation. By giving the customer the option to reserve a table, the restaurant builds an even stronger relationship with the customer. Refusal to book a table or failure to call the restaurant successfully may discourage the customer from returning to that restaurant. Online table reservation solves the above problem.

Bilingual version of Foodeliver

In Poland, unlike other western countries, there is not so much migration of people from abroad. However, according to data from the Office for Foreigners, as of 01.01.2021 there were 457 thousand foreigners in Poland with valid residence permits. One should add to that those who stay in Poland for a few days on business, as tourists or visiting relatives. It turns out that it is a large number. A large number of these people may not know the Polish language very well. If a person who does not speak Polish calls at a restaurant but cannot communicate with the staff or cannot find an English version on the website, he/she will look for another restaurant. Because of that the restaurant may lose a large group of customers. A bilingual system will be useful especially in border towns, but also in larger cities where universities or international companies are located.

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