Increase order volume with text messages sent from Foodeliver


Increase order volume with SMS sent from Foodeliver

For more than a year, since the coronavirus pandemic began, the food service industry has had to adapt to a new and difficult situation. Despite restrictions and resulting limitations catering facilities do not give up and try to continue functioning - in a different shape, but still. It was necessary to adapt to the current situation and to meet the expectations of customers. In a market full of competition it is necessary to build a permanent relationship with the customer - every single order is welcome, but regular customers will come back and recommend the place to their friends. Very helpful in contact with the customer are text messages. Most people always have a phone with them, so such communication is quite powerful.

Current situation of restaurants

The spring has come and our government is slowly announcing the loosening of restrictions on catering or hospitality. This is a chance to open gardens at the premises, to organize special events and return to a fairly normal operation and earning. However, it should be remembered that this is dependent on the epidemic situation in Poland, so the rules of catering can change on an ongoing basis. So you need to be prepared at any time for the closure of catering and offer meals only to take away.

Some restaurants have already invested in online ordering systems (individual or from well-known platforms), but some are still hesitant. The transition to online systems is inevitable and customers expect it. It is a convenient, modern and safe solution for them. In a highly competitive market, it is necessary to adapt to current requirements.

Foodeliver online ordering system

With the catering industry in mind, we have developed a customized system for online ordering. Our offering is different from the well-known platforms:

  • First of all - we do not charge any commissions. We conclude a contract for a specific amount without any hidden costs. Reputable platforms charge up to 10-30% commission on orders. Sometimes it is the whole margin of the restaurant for the purchased dishes.
  • Secondly - our clients manage their site themselves in real time, they have the ability to edit any information on the site. Often in the systems of well-known platforms you cannot add dishes, change prices or send messages by yourself.
  • Third - restaurants build their customer base to which they can generate marketing and informational content. With popular platforms, restaurants do not have access to the database and customer base.

The Foodeliver system has been under constant development since its inception - month by month you can see the difference in design and functionality. Our priority is to develop functionalities that allow restaurants to market themselves. Professional companies offer social media and other marketing for a few hundred to even a few thousand PLN. Whether during a pandemic or not - a restaurant can do marketing on its own. All it takes is a little time and desire and the tools to do effective marketing. And in these difficult times for the catering industry, every penny counts.

Increase number of orders with SMS module in Foodeliver

For development of Foodeliver system we decided to integrate with SMS API platform which allows for systemic SMS sending to created customer base. This allowed for significant development of marketing functionalities of our system. Currently, thanks to them, the system is not only modern, convenient, gives a significant time savings but also allows to increase the number of orders by up to 20%! Because how is the easiest way to reach a customer? Not everyone uses e-mail every day, so such messages reach only a small group of people. But most of us always have a phone with us. Thanks to this the restaurant is sure that about 90% of text message recipients will read it. From the information obtained from our current customers we know that about 5-15% of consumers place another order after receiving an encouraging text message.

Thanks to system SMS, restaurants that have implemented Foodeliver system can send to customers:

  • information about a status change, pickup time, or with a question to clarify the order,
  • marketing or information messages about changes of operating hours, new menu items or changes in delivery parameters
  • discount codes to encourage further orders,
  • automatic reminders encouraging further orders for customers who have not placed an order in the restaurant for a long time
  • one-time discount codes received after meeting the conditions of the loyalty program
  • As you can see above SMS messages can be used in many situations in a marketing way, so that customers remember about the restaurant and get an urge to order again. For me (and probably many other people) an SMS about a promotion in my favorite restaurant would definitely discourage from shopping and cooking dinner by myself ;-)

    Marketing activities in restaurants

    Thanks to SMS API integration we can develop marketing functions of Foodeliver system:

    • creation of discounts - possibility to create PLN or percentage discounts encouraging to order. SMS with cool discount will surely encourage many people to order again.
    • SMS campaigns - the system allows to generate messages to individual customers, groups of customers but also to all persons who have agreed to receive marketing content. Thus it is possible to send messages to even several hundred people within a minute.
    • marketing plans - it is possible to create a plan according to which the system will automatically catch people who have not made an order for a long time (e.g. 14 days). It will generate SMS or e-mail with the content specified by the restaurant. You can also add a one-time discount code, for example 5%. Setting up the plan takes a minute and then every day the system generates messages to people who have met the condition.
    • Loyalty program - giving customers the opportunity to collect virtual stamps. For example, after 5 orders for a minimum of 50 PLN, the customer will receive an SMS and e-mail with a discount code (10%, 20% or 5, 10, 20 PLN) for the next, 6th order. As in the case above setting up the program takes a minute. Later the system does everything for the restaurant.

    The situation in Poland and the world is specific, but we all lack normality. We can't go to a restaurant to have dinner or make a birthday party, but we still feel like eating something different than every day. We still meet, but in smaller groups.

    The key to success in the catering industry is now to adapt to the current situation and offer customers an offer that will be able and willing to use. Competition in the market is very high, so it is not enough to cook well - you also need to establish a relationship with the customer. Marketing functionalities of Foodeliver system are helpful in this. In addition, I recommend combining work on an individual online ordering system with advertising and building relationships with customers in social networks. Facebook or Instagram are today's windows to the world. If the restaurant will show interesting content, advertise its products, mark its uniqueness, the number of observers will increase from month to month. This increases the number of orders and thus, there is a chance to increase revenue.

    Izabela Praska

    Editor of, passionate about gastromarketing and good cuisine, marketer. product specialist.

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