Using a customized online ordering system to boost restaurant yields


A year has passed since the first mentions of the coronavirus. After so much time, we've already lost any illusions that we'll be back to pre-Covid-19 times within days or weeks. Regardless of your personal opinion on the pandemic or the government's actions, you need to adapt to the current situation.

One industry that the coronavirus has hit hard is the food service industry. In order to stay in business, you need to take a number of steps to retain regular customers, find new ones, and offer customers services that will allow you to earn enough to keep your premises, your employees, and yourself. Facilitating these goals will be a customized system that allows for online ordering and payment. In addition to entering the modern methods of sales and simply convenience, such a system has a very big advantage - it allows for marketing activities. Having your own customer base, ideas and a system with features with extensive marketing, you can significantly increase the number of orders.

Foodeliver online ordering system

You want to start selling online? Or maybe you are using platforms that charge a large commission on each order and you want to get rid of it? Foodeliver customized online ordering system will meet your requirements. Among its advantages such as transparency, ease of use and constant payment without commissions and hidden costs, the biggest one is its marketing features.

Customer expectations are increasing year by year, competition in the food service industry is very high and it is worthwhile, especially in such difficult times, to meet the customers. So what marketing functions has Foodeliver system and how to use them to increase profits?


The Foodeliver system allows you to create various discounts in either dollars or percentages. You can use them freely and distribute them through different channels to see which actions bring the best effect. Discount codes can be given to customers on Facebook, Instagram, flyers, SMS and email campaigns and many more. Everyone likes discounts - there's a very good chance customers will want to use them.

Discounting example: We create a 15% Spring discount and post the discount information on the restaurant's Facebook. We also generate a 5% discount with code 2021 and indicate it on the flyers. The system shows how many people have taken advantage of each of these discounts. This allows the restaurant to better plan further marketing activities knowing which actions have the best effect.

SMS campaign

Most people always have a cell phone with them - so this is one of the best channels to reach the customer. Of course you can't be pushy but an SMS once in a while with a discount, informing about new seasonal dishes on the menu or new services will encourage the customer to order again. Foodeliver system allows to send single and group messages.

Example: Only this week when you order online on our website with discount code SPRING you will receive 10% discount for the entire order! You are welcome!

Email campaign

Email messages reach a smaller group of recipients, because not everyone checks their e-mail box on a regular basis. However, the advantage of this form is the possibility to deliver longer content than 160 characters as in case of SMS. Foodeliver system in this case also allows you to send single and group messages. It allows to reach the whole customer base.

Example: Dear customers! Spring has already knocked on our door and thus we are waiting for seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms. We would like to offer you some additional, seasonal menu items. We encourage you to order via our individual online ordering page - you will also find our new dishes there!

Marketing Plan

Based on the idea that a little encouragement doesn't hurt, why not remind your customers who haven't ordered from your restaurant in a while? Foodeliver system allows you to create a plan, in which the system will automatically catch people who have not made an order for a long time. You can send email or SMS message with any content, possibly with discount code, to a customer who hasn't made an order for 2 weeks and encourage him to make another order.

Example message content: We have not recorded an order from you for 2 weeks. We would like to offer you 5% discount for your next order - one-time discount code (123456) is valid for 5 days. You are welcome!

Loyalty program

The Foodeliver system allows you to create a loyalty program that will increase the number of orders quickly. Many places decide to offer their customers to participate in such programs. They give you the opportunity to receive one order for free or cheaper. Such a program builds an ongoing relationship with the customer, encouraging him to a greater number and value of orders.

Example of a program: The restaurant creates a program assuming that after placing 10 orders for at least 50 PLN, the customer receives an SMS or e-mail message with a one-time discount code for 50% discount on the next, 11th order.

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