Foodeliver online ordering system for the bakery and confectionery industry


I will start with a real life story. I recently went with my sister to order 3 cakes, 3 kinds of cookies and a cake for her communion. We had eaten the products of this bakery several times, so we were sure that everything would be tasty. But:

  • We had to go specially to the bakery to place our order, so it took us 30 minutes in total.
  • The saleswoman didn't have a catalog of cakes or cookies, so when ordering we relied on the products that were currently available or just the descriptions - we weren't really sure what we were going to pick up. The names apple cider, jelly cake, and coconut and poppy seed cake can, despite appearances, hide a lot.
  • We ordered a round cream cake and received a square one, because the confectioner said that for so many people a square one would work better.

I will point out right away that everything was delicious and the price was good. But you can't help but notice a few downsides that wouldn't be there if this bakery had a customized system for online ordering. It would be much more convenient to see all the products (including photos and composition) from your phone or computer at your leisure, add selected products to your shopping cart, choose pickup time and payment method. Thanks to online system both customer and bakery worker save time. The customer is sure what he ordered. Bakery or confectionery in turn are sure that customer will be satisfied.

Foodeliver online ordering system

The ability to order online has long been very popular in restaurants of all kinds. Customers view the full menu, select toppings, pick-up or delivery time, and delivery and payment parameters. As we implemented our system in more restaurants we noticed that Foodeliver system can be adapted to any industry where products or services are sold. Why not order and pay online for a gym membership, car upholstery washing service or traditional products such as home-made sausages?

We started to analyze the bakery and confectionery market and were surprised to find that only a few percent of such companies have online ordering capabilities. So we developed functionalities to effectively sell confectionery and bakery products. Week by week, we can see that more and more companies in this industry are choosing to sell online. It is safe to predict that month by month online sales in other food service related industries and beyond will become very popular.

Foodeliver for patisseries and bakeries

The customized online ordering system Foodeliver allows, of course, to present customers with information about the company, show pictures of the products and the entire product database with parameters and additions. The company manages the site and the content on it from the admin panel, where orders are taken. It is also very important to be able to conduct independent marketing, which has already been described in our other articles. Here I would like to focus on the functionalities typical for the confectionery and bakery industry.

The following functionalities are very useful in bakeries and confectioneries:

  • day limits of categories and subcategories - some products are sometimes available for sale only during specific hours or days. For example, low sugar IG breads may only be sold on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In such a situation these products will be displayed in the system only on those days.
  • Possibility to specify the lead time for a product or category - in most cases it is not possible to order a large package of cakes or a cake for today. The system allows you to indicate that e.g. cakes should be ordered 3 days in advance. Then the system will not allow the customer to order a cake for today and the next two working days.
  • receive from the customer an individual graphic design for the product - you can sell standard cakes, but many people expect an individual or specific design. Customers can send through the system a photo of their dream cake or photos to be printed on the wafer that will go on the cake.
  • indication of the maximum number of ingredients in the price within the product or attribute - there are many possibilities of decorating the cake (chocolate, fruit, candies, wafer, whipped cream). You can give the customer many possibilities but only 2 can be included in the price. The customer will have to pay for possible remaining additions.
  • indicate the maximum number of ingredients to choose from within a product or attribute - within a custom cake you can indicate to the customer even 10 or 15 different cake creams. You can indicate that the customer can choose up to 3 flavors of creams.
  • defining more order pick-up points - many bakeries or pastry shops have several locations or points where the products are identical. In such a situation, e.g. a bakery with 10 bakery points adds locations to the system and the customer selects the location from which he wants to collect the cake when placing an order.
  • indication of several locations of company stores, bakeries, cafes, pastry stores, restaurants, etc. - There are entrepreneurs who have several different businesses, e.g. a bakery, a cake shop and a cafe and restaurant. You can create systems for these three locations and on the home page for the customer put the possibility of moving the customer to other points.

Pluses of implementing an online ordering system for bakeries and pastry shops

Beyond the need to move with the times and offer modern solutions as well, online systems for bakeries and pastry shops have the following advantages:

  • optimization of the owner's or staff's working time - a phone call or a face-to-face conversation concerning an order placed by a customer may take from several to even several minutes. If you multiply this by the number of customers ordering something in a month, you get several or even more hours for just talking to customers. On the other hand, taking a full order and possible printing takes a few seconds.
  • Almost complete elimination of mistakes - it often happens that a customer forgets to order something or makes a mistake. On the other hand, it happens that bakery or confectionery workers misunderstand the customer's words and write down the order incorrectly. The online form means that everything is shown in black and white. Mistakes are therefore almost impossible.
  • Increase of the number of orders - thanks to the extensive marketing functions in the Foodeliver system bakeries and pastry shops can send text messages and e-mails with marketing content, create discount codes, marketing plans and loyalty programs. These actions can generate up to 20% more orders.
  • Customer satisfaction - in an easy and clear way a customer can get acquainted with the offer, add products to the cart, choose options and time of pickup or delivery, pay online. The customer gains time and there's no denying that this form of ordering is simply convenient - the customer can place and pay for the order even in his pajamas at 10 pm if he finds the time.

Izabela Praska

Editor of, passionate about gastromarketing and good cuisine, marketer. product specialist.

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