Is it worth having an individual restaurant website?


Many new but also functioning restaurants are thinking about marketing tool which is its own website. This solution has of course its pros and cons, which are worth analyzing. Each restaurant is unique and unrepeatable, so the manager or owner knowing their strengths and weaknesses and the market on which they operate should analyze such Internet marketing. In this article we will present the pros and cons of having your own website. We hope that this will help you answer the question: is it worth having your own website?

Promote your restaurant on other websites

In order to build a brand in a market full of competition, a restaurant needs to promote itself a lot. Of course, having a restaurant account on Facebook, Instragram or other sites makes us reach more customers. This can be called a very big plus, because very many people use social media.

Many people promote themselves on online ordering platforms. The downside of doing this is that it makes the restaurant lose its individuality a bit. Well-known platforms have their own templates and restaurant accounts differ from each other only by information, posts and photos. But if we want to be a leader on the local market we want to stand out among others and not just be one of thousands of users. If a customer accesses a well-known platform to order food in a restaurant, the platform earns money, not just the restaurant. In addition, it is the well-known platform that advertises, not a particular restaurant, because apart from the individual menu, nothing distinguishes this restaurant from others.

Investing in an individual restaurant website

A customized website can be a huge marketing tool. The website should look great, be modern, responsive and consistent with the brand you have created. To make this happen, you need to invest a considerable amount of money, but as part of such a service, software companies offer a substantial package of services:

  • creation of a modern website tailored to our needs and with the appearance of our choice,
    • a system integrated with the website that allows ordering and paying for dishes online,
    • a restaurant system coherent with our website
    • restaurant system integrated with the website allowing to book tables,
    • simple and intuitive design,
    • simple and intuitive design,
    • a system integrated with the website allowing to order meals and pay for them online,
    • a system integrated with the website allowing to book tables
    • simple and intuitive panel for self-management of the website,
    • positioning, which allows you to make reservations on the website.
    • positioning, which will allow customers to better find your website in search engine,
    • website maintenance, updates and bug fixes,

    With a custom website we build and strengthen the brand and show the customer beautiful pictures of the restaurant, which encourage to visit or photos of dishes, which immediately make us want to try them.

    The informational role is also not without significance. On the website, in addition to the standard contact details, menu, opening hours and photos, we can add additional information such as:

    • option to order and pay online for your order,
    • possibility to reserve a table for a given hour,
    • offer to organize special events,
    • calendar of events,
    • offer to buy gourmet products,
    • and offer to buy delicatessen products or other natural products,

    How to prepare for a restaurant website?

    A customized restaurant website is a very good online tool, but only if its quality and content are top-notch. The cost of making such a website is high, so it is worth approaching the subject seriously. An individually prepared website is a few thousand zlotys. You can reduce this amount by using a ready-made template and adjusting it to our brand.

    Learn a few basic steps in creating a website:

    • Determine the budget - can you spend 2000 PLN or 5000 PLN? Inform the contractor about the budget right away so he knows what project to do.
    • Prepare a few sample pages to show the programmer - look at other restaurants' websites and choose the ones that match your expectations and you like graphically. This will make it easier for the programmer to understand what you expect.
    • Plan the appearance of the website and the tabs on it - it will make the programmer's work easier and will allow to sort the information on the website.
    • Plan what content you want to put on the page - prepare descriptions, menus and pictures.
    • Show the programmer your restaurant, dishes, menus, flyers, staff outfits and other things that give the look of the restaurant - it is important that the website creates a coherent whole with the rest of your brand.
    • Use the website as a tool to create a brand.
    • Use the help of a professional - creating a website is a big cost and a big responsibility, so trust someone who knows it, will efficiently carry out the entire process and provide you with a fully-fledged product.

    Basic mistakes when creating a website for a restaurant

    A good marketing tool can unfortunately just as easily be turned into an anti-advertisement if the website does not meet certain requirements and if it is created unprofessionally. Find out what to pay attention to and what mistakes not to make:

    • Lack of basic contact information: name, address, phone number, email address, restaurant address, information about opening hours and deliveries, etc.
    • Too much continuous text - such content is difficult to read and discourages a potential customer. It is better to include the most important information and omit unimportant issues.
    • Lack of a menu or a menu in a pdf file - without a menu a restaurant website is incomplete and very discouraging for potential customers. Many people also do not like the form of the menu in a pdf file, because you can download a virus to your phone or computer.
    • Lack of prices in the menu - customers want to know what the restaurant offers and for what amount. It is better for someone to resign immediately e.g. because of high prices than to feel disappointed or misled on the spot.
    • Few or no photos of the dishes prepared by the restaurant - in the catering industry the appearance of food is very important and it is worth remembering about it
    • Page not adjusted to all mobile devices - the page should be responsive and also adjust to the phone or tablet, which are used by many people. There are even people who do not have a computer, because the tablet fulfills all the necessary functions.
    • Updated content on the website - nothing is more discouraging than going to the wrong address because the website has not updated its contact details, or going to a restaurant to take advantage of a promotion mentioned on the website and finding out that the promotion is outdated.
    • If we offer the organization of special events, the website should contain a full offer of the organization of the event, approximate prices or sample menu. If there is no such information and the customer calls the restaurant and the waitress says that he asks to call the manager, who does not answer for several days, then unfortunately 90% of customers will go to another restaurant. restaurant.

    You can also make many other mistakes, but the above are the most important and most repeated. Each of us probably as a customer has encountered such situations and discouraged to some establishment. With this knowledge, you can avoid this and make the appearance and content on the restaurant website a very beneficial marketing tool.

Izabela Praska

Editor of, passionate about gastromarketing and good cuisine, marketer. product specialist.

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