How to market your restaurant?


Let's first explain what marketing actually is. One definition states that. Marketing is the process of planning and executing plans concerning the pricing, promotion and distribution of products or services. The purpose of marketing is to exchange these products or services in The purpose of marketing is to exchange these products or services in such a way as to satisfy the needs of the consumer but also to achieve the company's goal of a satisfactory profit. The goal of marketing is not only to satisfy the consumer's needs, but also to achieve the company's goal of making a satisfactory profit.

Marketing is not chaotic tricks aimed at attracting customers temporarily. Developing

Marketing is not about chaotic tricks aimed at momentary attraction of customers.

There are many types of marketing.

There are many types of marketing, so the manager or restaurant owner should, knowing his

There are many types of marketing, so the manager or owner of the restaurant should, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, choose the appropriate marketing activities. They have to be

There are many types of marketing, so the restaurant manager or owner, knowing his/her strengths and weaknesses, should external and internal factors. In this article you will learn what actions can be taken in order to customers crowds and willingly visit the restaurant, but also that these actions are financially profitable. financially.


Marketing activities can also be divided into those in which we use tools standard and online tools, i.e. online and offline activities.

Marketing activities can also be divided into those in which we use standard and online tools.

Offline restaurant promotion


Brand or building brand awareness - in order to prosper, a restaurant must be to prosper, it must be recognizable, even if only on the local market. For this to happen you need to build a brand which will be recognizable and will be associated only with this one place. So the first step is to design a logo, menu cards, takeaway boxes, etc. Additionally, a great idea is identical outfits for cooks or waiters along with the logo of the restaurant. All elements of the brand must be consistent and create a whole.


Organization of events - in addition to the standard operation of the restaurant and the organization of events We can also invite guests to various events. W Depending on what kind of place we have, what kind of food we offer and what kind of clientele we count on, we can choose the types of such events. We can organize, among other things:

  • Watching a soccer match or a KSW fight together
  • Stand Up or a performance by a local cabaret,
  • a performance by a local band
  • Performance of local bands,
  • Cooking courses for the beginners,
  • Cooking classes for the beginners,
  • Cooking classes for the beginners
  • Cooking courses for beginners,
  • .

Flyers, newspaper advertising - in the era of the Internet these may be slightly unfashionable ways of promoting restaurants, but they still work. It is worth to design nice leaflets and distribute them together with orders or hire a person to distribute them. Additionally, it will be useful to have a catchy advertisement in the local newspaper. It is especially important for newly created premises, which It is also a good idea to have a good deal of time and money to spend on it.

Whisper marketing - in case of new restaurants or establishments which unjustifiably face

Whisper marketing - in case of new restaurants or restaurants which are unjustifiably struggling with bad opinions on the market, it is worth considering this kind of action. Its aim is to publicise good opinions about the restaurant in such a way that it seems natural and as if it came outsider and not from the restaurant itself. An example can be writing on Spotted, Google, Facebook or gastronomic forums by people not directly connected with the restaurant.

Professional restaurant photos - with so much competition among restaurants, we want to go where, where it is simply beautiful (no matter if it is in modern, baroque, Indian or eclectic). Additionally, it is said that we eat with our eyes, so the dishes must look good. A good investment is to order a professional photo session in the restaurant (decor, garden, team and dishes). Such pictures on the website, leaflets, banners etc. will be sensational advertising.

Online restaurant promotion


Social media - in the era of ubiquitous Internet not only young but also mature mature people are using social media. Having accounts and being active and Adding posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will be a great advertisement to attract customers. Or maybe you should think about a YouTube channel and uploading videos of you preparing preparation of dishes?

Websites - not everyone has to have a website, because you can promote yourself also in other ways. However, there is no doubt that a modern, responsive website website with relevant information and full menu is one of the main marketing tools. marketing tools.

Online food ordering systems - leaving aside the current situation related to Covid19, in any industry, including the restaurant industry, is in constant development. We travel around Poland and the world and more and more often our phones are so technologically advanced that they replace computers. So we also want to quickly and easily order food and pay for it via the Internet, get home delivery without having to make phone calls, pick up the order order or pay cash. This trend of moving business to the Internet is visible This trend of moving business to the Internet can be seen in virtually every industry and will not bypass the gastronomy.


Google My Company Profile or TripAdvisor - placing our restaurant on these sites allows for better positioning in the search engine. Thanks to this we reach a larger number potential customers who gain knowledge about our restaurant. The websites show the basic information about the restaurant but also the position on the map. Google My Company or TripAdvisor profiles additionally collect positive opinions that will allow us to better position the restaurant in the world of gastronomy. in the world of gastronomy.


Google Ads - is a Google advertising system that causes the display of sponsored links through search engine or partner websites. It allows you to reach customers who may not have even known about the existence of the restaurant, and nowadays nowadays it is not a problem to drive 30 kilometers for dinner.

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